In Vehicle Device

In vehicle device

CERT Telematics provides state of art Telematics devices to suit the specific requirements of the customer. The devices often need to be integrated to other devices and /or sensors to give a range of solutions. CERT Telematics team offers services to integrate the various components together. Complete testing, validation and replicable systems are offered by the CERT Telematics Team.
Seat sensors are used to determine whether a passenger is being transported. This is to ensure that the trip is registered and there is no out-of-the-system revenue to the driver.
Some fleet owners prefer infrared sensor to seat sensors.
Typically this is used in Taxis to inform the commuters on the availability of the Taxi.
Thermal printers are used with the Taxi meter come in-vehicle-device in order to print the fare receipt for the trip, to be given to the passenger.
Credit card mode of payment is a convenience for the passengers. The POS is integrated to the in-vehicle-device to read the fare.
The load carried by the truck is monitored by using load sensors. Any theft or even overloading is detected and alerts sent to the owners.
Concrete mixers need to have continuous rotation and the trucks are filled with drum rotation sensors for monitoring the rotation.
As a security device, the camera with DVR records and keep the information for investigation should the need arise.
RFID sensors are integrated with in-vehicle-device for detecting the presence of the employee or student in a car or school bus.