Software Services

Application Software Design & Development & Customization

CERT Telematics has developed custom designed applications that meet the needs of customers. These include web services, frontend/backend applications & databases, mobile applications as well as device side applications. Each customer has requirements that need changes, enhancements and new features. The base application and hardware provide a ready to go service, and the customization provides an optimized platform to meet the current and future needs of the customer.
CERT Telematics has rich experience in design, testing & deploying web services and portals suited to stake holders requirements.
The device needs to be configured to the user needs. Very often this calls for a change in the firmware. CERT Telematics along with their suppliers, ensures that the requirements are met.
The solutions needs to be one integrated system from the device side to the applications, data base, call center and services. CERT Telematics provides seamless end to end system to meet the needs of customers.
This software services includes requirement gathering development, testing & validation & hosting.